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DNA Osteoporosis Test

Did your grandmother move in to a retirement home early after a painful hip fracture?
Was you grandfather affected by debilitating arthritis?
Are you getting enough vitamin D and calcium to keep your bones healthy?

Take this test to see whether you have inherited any genetic variants that compromise the health of your bones and joints.

Your bone health

Strong, healthy bones are important for providing structure, anchoring muscles and ligaments, protecting our internal organs and storing essential minerals. From birth until the age of 30, new bone is produced more quickly than old bone is broken down, reaching a peak bone mass at approximately 30 years of age. Bone remodelling continues throughout adulthood, but bone mass slowly decreases, as the old bone removal is quicker than new bone production. Poor bone growth as a child and greater than normal bone loss as an adult can contribute towards an increased risk of osteoporosis, a disease characterized by weak and brittle bones. Osteoarthritis is another common bone problem, characterized by decay in the protective cartilage within the bone joints.

What factors affect your bone health?

  • Genetic variation explains up to 85% of bone mineral density
  • Gender: Females generally have lower bone mass
  • Menopause: Decreasing estrogen increases osteoporosis risk
  • Testosterone: Lower testosterone results in a lower bone mass
  • Ethnicity: Hispanics and African Americans have higher bone mass and reduced osteoporosis risk (compared to Caucasians and Asians)
  • Physical activity: Weight-bearing exercises help strengthen bones
  • Medications: Long-term use can reduce bone mass (e.g. corticosteroids)
  • Nutrition: Reduced calcium and vitamin D uptake results in brittle bones

Knowledge of your genetic variants that contribute to bone health allows you to make changes today to avoid bone health complications later in life.

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